Recipe Corner: Braised Chicken with Fennel

braised_chicken_fennelEach month we try to introduce a new recipe.  By expanding your cooking reperatoire and introducing new foods slowly over time, we’re safeguarded against becoming bored and assured tasty nourishing meals the week through.

The folowing recipe of braised chicken legs combines the taste of sweet potatoes, fellel, lemon, green onions and garlic.

Simple ‘one pot’ recipes such as this are a great way to cook for yourself while maintaining a full and active lifestyle.

Mark’s Cooking Corner: Tibetan Momos

tibetan_momosEach month, I’d like to share a recipe I’ve tried with you.

This month’s recipe is for Tibetan momo’s or dumplings.  These can be made with meat or vegetarian and a delicious food to make if having people over for dinner or a party.

The recipe for sha momos, momos with meat:

Filling: Chop these ingredients into small pieces: 2 onions, 2 inches of fresh ginger, 1 bunch of cilantro, 1/4 head of cabbage, 1 teaspoon beef bouillon

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl thoroughly

Dough: Mix 3 cups of wheat flour and 1 cup of water.  Add flour or water until dough is smooth and no longer sticky.  Roll the dough out with a rolling pin as thinly as possible.  Cut the cough into round circles using an upside-down pint glass.

Place the round piece of dough in your left hand and place a tablespoon of meat in the center.

Pinch the edges of the dough circle to the top.  Gently twist.

This recipe says to steam for 10 minutes, but most Tibetans steam them for about 20 minutes, which is what I do, for food safety.

I’ve adapted my recipe from this recipe found on Yowangdu, a Tibetan culture webpage which has some other great Tibetan recipes as well. Enjoy!